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Suppliers Turkey Skin

Damaco Group is gespecialiseerd in de productie en export van landbouwproducten voor de voedingsmiddelen- en diervoederindustrie. Het verwerken en ontwikkelen van vlees , vleesproducten en natuurlijke vezels van uitzonderlijke kwaliteit.

Bringing excitement to the food industry

Damaco Group is gespecialiseerd in de productie en export van landbouwproducten voor de voedingsmiddelen- en diervoederindustrie.

Onze internationale teams bedienen alle uithoeken van de wereld: we hebben kantoren in Europa, Zuid-Amerika, het Midden-Oosten en Aziƫ. We willen nu en in de toekomst een sterke relatie met onze klanten opbouwen!

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Wij willen DE referentie inzake technologische oplossingen in de vleesverwerking, de productie van vleesproducten en het gebruik van natuurlijke vezels in diezelfde productie. Onze achtergrond en expertise in zowel productie als trading, van zowel grondstoffen als additieven en zelfs technologie onderscheidt ons van onze collega”s. Onze expertise staat ten dienste van U, onze klant.


The colour of the raw turkey skin is off-white to cream. The colour under the skin can vary from pink to lavender blue, depending on the amount of fat just below the skin; this is normal. Preparation: Leave to thaw in the fridge for about 1 day for every 5 pounds of turkey. When using microwave or cold water immersion methods of defrosting, follow the general safe treatment instructions. Safely cooked turkey may have a pink hue due to the haemoglobin in the tissues which may form a heat-stable colour. Some USDA inspected frozen stuffed whole turkeys MUST be cooked out of the frozen state to ensure a safe cooked product. Follow the cooking instructions on the label. Cooked turkey and turkey dishes can be kept refrigerated for three to four days and frozen for up to six months. Every year at.

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Suppliers turkey skin

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about us products photo gallery about us intraskins nv is a family run business for over years. Our company handles all kinds of hides and skins directly from slaughterhouses to the leather industry and distributes worldwide. These hides and skins are collected daily with own trucks and transported to the warehouse in moeskroen for further processing. Our activities are divided into companies and different locations intraskins sa intraskins sa disposes of an ultra modern automatic processing saltline for all hides and skins with full registration and control on the origin weight selections etc. We have an overall capacity of more than hides per week. Every day our trucks are collecting the fresh hides in the slaughterhouses and bring them to the saltingplant Een keuze maken in suppliers turkey skin To avoid heating all hides and skins are hung in the cool storage upon arrival for a few hours before being salted the same night. With the utmost care and expertise .